• Posting Rules and Etiquette

    Forum, Posting, and Commenting Rules and Etiquette

    These rules and guidelines cover posting, commenting, and forum use.

    Rules of Use

    • Please be kind and respectful to one another and let's all work together to make this a fun experience for all.
    • No bullying of any kind.
    • No trolling. Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to get people riled up and please ignore the ones that do.
    • Attack the message, not the messenger. Criticize ideas, not people. Flaming will not be tolerated.
    • No member is allowed to engage in any personal attacks on any other member. Personal attacks are defined as insults, slurs, derogative or derisive comments whether it be: Personal, Racial, Ethnic, Religious, Sexual, and/or Gender.
    • No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectifying material.
    • Do not post anything illegal or unlawful, including but not limited to, events.
    • Do not post links or requests for warez (software that has been illegally copied and made available).
    • Please post in the right forum and post topics in the appropriate forum category. Resist the temptation to post something off topic because you think you'll get "better responses" in a particular forum.
    • Respect the privacy of others. Do not post other's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc., without their permission.
    • Each highdesertentertainmentmagazine.com member may have only one account.
    • Do not place foul language in thread subjects.
    • This site is public and may include people all ages, so please restrict the use of foul language.
    • Please use descriptive subject lines and research your post. This reduces the chances of double posting, and it also makes it easier for people to see what they do/don't want to read. Also, scan the subjects of the last several days' posts to make sure you aren't duplicating posts and consider what forum your topic should be posted in. NO SPAMMING. No commercial oriented posts, and no flooding with useless content.

    Signature Guidelines

    • Signatures will be no longer than 3 lines.
    • Signatures may contain a link to your personal site.
    • Signatures are expected to follow the same guidelines as posts, which means; no flaming, no swearing, no personal attacks, and no adult material.

    Action to be Taken if in Violation

    All complaints need to be communicated privately using either PM, "Report this Post" feature and/or Email. If post is found to be in violation, the offending post will be edited or removed, and the offending party shall receive no more than two (2) private warnings via PM and/or Email, and one final Administration warning. If the behavior continues, the member will be banned for a week, and upon a repeat incident, banned permanently. We always give warnings but we don't necessarily give them more than twice to the same person. If you are disrupting the community, we will take action.