Creative Arts Theater presents Ghosts in Chelyabinsk

“Winner of Creative Arts Theater’s 1st Playwright contest, Bonnie Corral, brings us to 1990’s Chelyabinsk, Russia in this new original musical featuring live musicians.
Polina lives in a tiny village on the edge of Siberia. Ilya works in the coal mines in the nearby city of Chelyabinsk. Meredith is a graduate student of history in suburban America. Wyatt is her adventurous and carefree friend. The four have an unlikely meeting when Wyatt convinces Meredith to come with him to Russia to teach English lessons, convincing her that it will help her complete her thesis work. In an effort to teach Polina and Ilya, the Americans find surprises
they didn’;t expect in Chelyabinsk, and in Polina and Ilya. As they fight to understand each other, each are haunted by their own past, and made to question what they think they already know.” – High Desert Creative Arts Center

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