Big Bounce America 2018 Recent Visit to Victorville

About the Event

Big Bounce America made a visit to Victorville on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of April, 2018.  Big Bounce America claims the title of the largest bounce house.  The main 10,000 sq/ft bounce-house and 10,000 sq/ft bounce-village took over almost the entire midway grass area of the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds.

The Main House

If you’ve been to the San Bernardino County Fair and gone on any rides, you know where the midway is.  The main house was placed where the Ferris wheel usually is, just with a bigger footprint.

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The main bounce-house had one hour sessions all setup for different age groups and intensities.  During the adult session that I attended, patrons were lead through various games.  They had a sack race, a basketball dunking contest, a relay, and dodgeball.

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One thing I found interesting was the main house was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be on the inside.  I had switched my lens on my camera to a wide angle and found that I didn’t need it.

The Village

The Big Bounce Village was spread out alongside the parking lot side of the midway and pretty much filled the area.  The Village composed of a smaller version of the main bounce-house, a large ball pit, slides, and a few other mazes.

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The Vendors

The vendor area was quaint but sufficient for the event.  This included a couple eateries, Kono Ice, and novelty vendor.

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